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Founded in 2018, Mestune is an innovative business company. The company is located in Shenzhen, China. The main sales categories are Sound Blaster speakers, wireless audio, large indoor furniture, home appliances, travel bags, pet supplies, etc.

Mestune has undergone rigorous product selection and field surveys, and has in-depth cooperation with many manufacturers integrating,design and production.Provide customers with high-quality products. All products have undergone supplier review, purchase inspection, after-sale feedback monitoring, and passed strict quality control standard testing.

Mestune has two businesses: retail and wholesale. We can customize exclusive products for customers to meet their reasonable needs, adhering to the concept of customer first, bringing customers the best service and making better products.

At present, Mestune has large cargo warehouses in the United States, and related products are shipped locally in the United States. Some products are shipped from China by logistics companies with stable timeliness, and the products are shipped to customers as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of the goods.

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